Forum Capital Group is a Global Leader in Investment and Consulting Services.

Founded in 2012, Forum Capital Group is a global private equity firm focused predominately on its own financial services and those of select high net worth individuals and entities in the real estate, energy and seafood and other sectors. We offer unique investment opportunities through our proprietary source network. Our professionals work with buy- and sell-side clients as we are afforded unique access to industry leaders, market intelligence and top talent. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, differentiated opportunities and strategic consulting services in many world economies.

Investment Services

Our professionals offer senior financial and management services. We possess extensive subject matter knowledge and offer creative solutions with a proven track record and global reach to guide clients to assess and achieve investment goals. Our team values long-term relationships above short-term gain. We emphasize discretion, honesty, mutual respect and the utmost integrity in all relationships. As advisors and investors ourselves, we understand our expertise and insight has a significant role in our client’s businesses. Therefore, we adhere to the highest code of professional ethics and are resolved to work in good faith at all times.

Our client-focused goals include:

  • Advising partners of unique business sector opportunities
  • Providing superior execution by attracting exceptional deal flow
  • Fostering a genuine team environment of which allows us to deliver the best results for our clients and ourselves

Our services are differentiated as we offer:

  • A deep appreciation for each client’s investment needs
  • A team of senior professionals who possess extensive industry knowledge to execute unique opportunities in defined business sectors
  • An experienced in-house research team of professionals
  • Excellent investment returns

 Consulting Services

Our leadership team offers reputable global consulting coupled with strength in financial acuity. With over two decades of experience, our professionals are unique in their ability to develop and enhance business relationships. Our consulting expertise includes full range of services, from the initial strategy development and corporate security, to the contract negotiations and successful integration into new economies. We offer expertise in various business sectors and in number of Geographical areas.

We listen and observe to ensure our actions meet your mission, vision and expectations. These qualities sustain our successful projects. Our long-term and transparent approach gives voice to connect clients to the right people using the nature of human interaction in business.